7 Interesting Facts About Dr. Sprowl

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Sometimes it’s best to learn about someone from who better, themselves. Read more to find out fun facts and what inspires our orthodontist here at A List Smiles Orthodontics.

This is my first blog post, so I’m still trying to figure out what to say. There’s so much I want to tell you – about myself, about my practice, about my dogs (Louii and Coco Chanel). But since I can’t tell you everything about me in one post (you need a reason to come back, right?), I thought I’d share 10 interesting facts about me.

1) I was raised in Atlanta, but I was born where my parents are from: New Orleans. If you know anything about sports, then you know New Orleans football fans (the Saints) and Atlanta football fans (the Falcons) DO NOT get along. Who do you think I root for?
2) I’ll give you a hint – red is my favorite color.
3) I graduated from Hampton University (the REAL HU) way back…It was the single best decision of my life, and I’m honored that my alma mater included me in their 2018 40 Under 40.
4) I wasn’t one of those people who wanted to be a dentist since they were 2; my college big sister let me shadow her during my senior year, and I fell in love with being able to help people smile. I took the DAT (the test you need to take to get into dental school) at the last minute, applied to school, and by luck and favor here we are.
5) My college big sister (hey girl if you’re reading this!) is the reason I’m so passionate about exposing girls to the sciences. I’ve never worked with or under another African-American woman in the 10 years I’ve been practicing, although I have worked with two amazing African-American men (who had the misfortune of going to Howard). As my mentor gave to me, I want to give to the next girl(s) coming up.
6) I love love LOVE the movie Maleficent. I mean really love. Like obsessed love. If you can quote a line from it then we’re BFFs.
7) I am an orthodontist because I love changing smiles – and as the change enhances my client’s life, it enhances my own. Beyond the smiles, I’m able to really connect with people; to give and receive life advice. I learn something new every day, and I hope I’m able to share something substantive with patients as well. The work is challenging, yet rewarding: I help create joy where there was sadness, confidence where there was indifference. I can’t think of anything more rewarding, and I’m blessed to do this work every day.

So that’s me in a nutshell. I want to hear about you! Tell me something interesting about you and your journey! Until I hear from you…

Dr. Alyssa Sprowl